Details, Details

In everything give thanks – 1 Thessolonians 5:18
God has not promised to keep us FROM life’s storms, but He will keep us THROUGH them.
Monday, Monday, Monday…I’ve got the case of the Mondays.  Well, not really.  I feel good today.  I’m thankful to be alive and in my right mind.  I’m thankful for my two beautiful children and the fine man that I am blessed enough to call my husband.  I’m thankful for a job and a car with gas.  I’m thankful for my home and food to eat.  I’m just thankful. 
I got a bit of disheartening news last Friday.  My babies had doctor’s appointments.  Jaxon, my oldest (2 years old in January) has had a number of ear infections in both ears and although he doesn’t have one at the moment, the doctor said his left ear is red and irritated which means he may get another infection.  This means that he may need to get tubes put in his ears.  Also, she said she heard some noises when she listened to his heart and thinks it may be a heart murmer.  She assured Daddy and I that both issues are very common, but they are of concern.  I dont care what kind of stresses we have in our lives, whether it be financial hardship, personal illness or joblessness, there’s nothing worse than getting bad news about your children’s health. 
My consolation is that I know the God I serve is a healer.  We’ve prayed over Jaxon and asked for God’s healing.  We go in for an echocardiogram in November.  I believe God that the victory is ours and our son will be just fine…in fact better than fine in Jesus’ name!
I’m thanking God now!
Here’s what I wore:
  • vest – Old Navy
  • dress – old
  • jeans – j brand
  • boots – Soda
  • belt – CAbi

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