9 Fourth of July Finds

It goes without saying that the real meaning of fourth of July is to celebrate our wonderful country’s independence.  Independence that is hard fought for and protected.  On this day we celebrate liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.  Traditionally, Americans like to spend fourth of July with friends and family enjoying good food and the great outdoors.  And it doesn’t hurt to look super cute while doing so.

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Dressing around a baby bump can be exhausting.  I mean, when else in life does your body inflate to two to three times it’s normal size?  Some of us gain weight everywhere and so the challenge is not only dressing around a bump but also finding things to wear that are comfortable around all your growing parts.  Even for women who seem to be all baby, there’s still the struggle with finding a top or bottom that are the size you normally wear but are stretchy enough to fit around the circumference of your belly.  Of course there are bigger and much more amazing things going on with our bodies and how we look should be the least of our concerns, but it’s hard to ignore it when nothing in your closet seems to fit.

Here’s a look that any pregnant (or not) lady can pull off this summer.  Enjoy!


MOMMY 101: Daily Pregger-cise Routine

Pregnant Exercise

Alright, well, since you’re twisting my arm, I’m going to admit it.  With my other three pregnancies, my workout routine was non-existent.  With Jaxon and Julia I had no excuse, I just didn’t feel like it.  With Jayde, I had some health complications that caused swelling in my legs.  This go around, I found some exercises that I can totally stick with.  And even better, I don’t even really have to leave home, unless I plan on swimming of course.

I’m so blessed to have had relatively easy and fast deliveries, but I know that as you age, pregnancies become more challenging.  I figure I should do as much as I can, while I can, to help this pregnancy go as smoothly as the others.  Say a little prayer for me.

Any mommy’s out there have exercise suggestions?


MOMMY 101: To Grope or Not to Grope


This is my 4th go around and I still don’t know how to say it.  Sure, there are a ton of other things more uncomfortable while being pregnant, but this is right around the top of the list.  I tend to be overly conscious of hurting other people’s feelings but I can’t think of a sweet, pleasant way to say, “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BELLY!”

I’m not a very touchy-feely person {says the pregnant lady with 3 kids}.  Not that I run from it, but it’s just not my natural tendency.  Typically, I prefer a nice generous arm-and-a-half’s length distance between myself and the person I’m talking to.  Now of course, if we’re standing next to a jackhammer in the middle of  a construction zone, okay sure, you can come closer but in general if you’re close enough to high-five, you’re probably too close.  However, drop a cat in my lap and I melt.  LOL  Seriously though, one of the great things about having children is that I’ve become a lot more…cuddly. Who can resist a cuddle from the minnies?

I hope I don’t sound like Negative Nancy here {blame the hormones}, but tell me, what do you think about someone touching your pregnant belly?  I know there’s something so cute about a pregnant belly and some people just can’t help themselves, but a pregnant belly is not an invitation to touch.  Would you agree?

So, help, tell me what’s a sweet way to get the message across?




During pregnancy there’s a lot going on in a woman’s body.  Often times all of these changes cause a woman to get dry skin, oily skin, blotchy skin and even dark spots.  Present most commonly in women of color is the later, dark spots.  Speaking first hand, this is actually a common condition.  So common, in fact, that it is referred to as the mask of pregnancy.  Really…Google it!

Blotches of dark skin usually appear around your cheekbones, upper lip area, nose and forehead sort of like a mask.  Not only does it appear on the face but on other parts of the body as well, usually areas that are exposed to direct sun like your forearms.  Areas of your skin that are already a darker pigment such as freckles, moles and nipples can become darker as well.

Oh and let’s not forget the “linea nigra”.  The who?  All women have a line from the belly button to the pubic bone called a linea alba.  Chances are you never noticed it because most times it’s the same color as the rest of your skin.  During pregnancy, this line becomes pigmented and is then called the linea nigra.  While the other dark spots will usually fade back to your normal skin color a month or so after delivery, the linea nigra will take a bit longer, maybe closer to three months.

As I mentioned it’s natural for your skin to become oily, dry, or even a combo.  I’ve never had a skin routine…let me rephrase that…I’ve never had a skin routine that I would admit to {since hand soap and water is embarrassing} but while I’m pregnant, I do try to pay extra special attention to the changes going on with my body including my face.  I will say, that I have one rule that I must must must wash my face before I go to sleep.  True story, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to wash my face.  Call me weird, but I just imagine all the smog, dust, finger dirt, smoke from the day caked up on my skin seeping deeper and deeper into my pores that I’m compelled to stick my face under that faucet.  

When I heard about Specific Beauty Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths, I was pretty excited to try them out because it would mean one less thing for me to do before I go to sleep.  How?  Well, what I learned about these cloths is one side is beaded and intended for exfoliating your skin while the other side is for removing makeup.  It’s alcohol and oil free which means it’s safe for me and baby and doesn’t even require water.  They contain aloe, which even I know is good for your skin.  And Vitamin E and green tea which are potent antioxidants.   They’re even safe for contact-lens wearers.  So, you can literally leave them on your nightstand, get in the bed with your cookies and gallon of ice cream…what…give your face a good clean and go to sleep guilt-free.  Oh, and did I mention they are made specifically for women of color.  Yup!

Try them out.  They’re very reasonably priced and I think you’ll be glad you did.


I’d Rather Be…

fashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestshoes | skirt | shirt | belt | lip

The truth is, I’d rather be eating…pizza, to be exact.  I set out to create a post about something entirely different and then that wicked Pinterest got the best of me.  I mean, all I did was type in “P” and I was attacked by a deluge of visual pizza abuse and before I knew it I was in pizza heaven.  And now, my mind is a blur my thoughts are of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and the world won’t be right until I get some pizza.


Young Designers Collective – Hanh Lam


Ramona Earrings - www.hanhnyc.com

- Alabaster white calf skin leather
- Patina treated brass bobbles
- Gold plated hook fastening for pierced ears
- Width 1″
- Drops 2.5″ from ear

Aren’t these earrings cute?  The charming Ramona earrings are the perfect way to add a little whimsy to any outfit with its fluffy tassels and patina treated bobble accent. Deceptively lightweight, it is part of the Leather Bound Collection.  The entire collection was handcrafted in their New York City studio and a portion of proceeds from each piece will be donated to Book Aid International.

Hanh Lam is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design.  As a fashion designer, she alternates between two contrasting passions: the organic, fluid nature of knitwear, and the refined, arcane aspects of old-world tailoring. Her knitwear manipulates raw materials into textural forms that are artistic yet wearable. Her tailored pieces combine the constraints of structural lines with feminine details.  Hanh believes knitwear is about letting the raw material guide the hands, while tailoring compels the designer to tame and control the fabric.  Hanh Lam lives and works in New York City and some of her work can be found here.

The Young Designers Collective is an association of artists and designers based in New York City, who design for non-profit organizations to promote good will as well as gain exposure individually and for the cause they are working towards. Sponsored by SI Design and Consulting Inc, they provide young designers a platform that would have otherwise been difficult to build and gain recognition with on their own. In an ever-shrinking world, working together to achieve success has never been more important. They allow for a free exchange of ideas and talents, thereby fostering the growth of artists and art in commercial design. The Young Designers Collective wants to bring appreciation back to the artist behind the designer, to quality or handmade products, and to a more sustainable future.  With philanthropy and fashion hand in hand, we hope to further charitable works as well as bring new talent to light sooner than ever before.

You can also learn about The Young Designers Collective on FB here.


From the Horse’s Mouth|Mommy 101: The Good, Bad and Beautiful


My husband beat me to the punch with an Instagram announcement but in case you haven’t heard…we’re pregnant!  We’ll be welcoming a new Baby Young in late July early August…and then shortly after the factory will be shutting down. LOL

This go around, I figured I would let you into the world of a pregnant, hungry, tired, crazy woman.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Honestly, I thought it would be an interesting look at what being pregnant is all about and what making a baby is really about.  Join me through this experience, which has already taken me for a bit of a ride, as I share with you every step of the way (with discretion of course) in a series called, MOMMY 101: the good, bad & beautiful.


No Do Overs


 similar jacket | top | jeans | bag | shoes | sunnies | earrings DIY

Ever wonder why God doesn’t give us do-overs in life?  Probably because God knows we’d be calling do-overs like they were going out of style.  How often do you wonder how things would be different if you had…

1.  calmed down before you sent that text.

2. not ran that red light?

3.  decided not to answer the door.

4.  chosen a different major.

5.  said “I do” and did.

6.  didn’t buy another pair of designer shoes.

7.  just picked up the phone and talked it out.

8.  said thank you.

9.  said I’m sorry.

10.  said I love you.

Rarely does life give you do-overs or second chances.  But often life gives us the luxury of righting our wrongs.

Dear God, Thank you for your grace and mercy.  Thank you for not returning to me the wrongs that I’ve done to others.  Thank you for allowing me to see my faults and giving me the courage to do what’s right, especially when it’s hard.  I ask you to continue to bridle my tongue, to calm  my spirit and instill the wisdom in me to know how and when to speak in love.  Amen.

What wrongs can you right before the New Year?  So, what’s stopping you?


5 Gifts She’ll Love- {Sheinside.com}

SheInside-5 Gifts She'll Love
{click to purchase}
Okay girls, guys, whomever, [my husband], if you’re trying to find that perfect gift for that stylish girl [me]  in your life, look no further.  I have found one of THEE best websites know to woman!  No joke.  It’s called SheInside.com .    The styles on this site are super on trend and incredibly reasonably priced.  I mean just look at the 5 items I found above.  Who doesn’t need a new skirt, clutch, jeans, blouse and shirt.  HELLO!
Any time I find a site that seems too good to be true I look for the following…
1. Does the boutique ship to the U.S. at a reasonable cost?
SheInside.com overs free worldwide shipping!!!  WHAT!
2. Are the prices in U.S. dollars?
3.  What’s the return policy?
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you can return or exchange your items within 30 days  from the delivered date.
I don’t know about you but to me that’s pretty standard and what I’m used to when I shop online.  So, you’re probably saying that I’m getting paid to tell you this.  NOPE, I’m not.  I didn’t get free clothes and I didn’t get a check.  I’m just sharing because, well, I would want you to share with me if you found and awesome site like this.  LOL!  Seriously thought, you already know I’m very serious about the integrity of my blog and I don’t write about anything I don’t honestly believe in or like.  So, take a peek.  I promise you won’t be disappointed! 
Tell me, what’s your favorite item from Sheinside.com?