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If you’re familiar with Pinterest, whether you know it or not, you’re an addict.  Pinterest is a thief of your time and a proponent of procrastination….AND I KNOW IT!  However, if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, take heed and run, run as far as you can.  Dramatic, of course. Since you’re still reading that means you’re an addict like me so I might as well share with you some of my favorite pins.



5 Gifts She’ll Love- {}

SheInside-5 Gifts She'll Love
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Okay girls, guys, whomever, [my husband], if you’re trying to find that perfect gift for that stylish girl [me]  in your life, look no further.  I have found one of THEE best websites know to woman!  No joke.  It’s called .    The styles on this site are super on trend and incredibly reasonably priced.  I mean just look at the 5 items I found above.  Who doesn’t need a new skirt, clutch, jeans, blouse and shirt.  HELLO!
Any time I find a site that seems too good to be true I look for the following…
1. Does the boutique ship to the U.S. at a reasonable cost? overs free worldwide shipping!!!  WHAT!
2. Are the prices in U.S. dollars?
3.  What’s the return policy?
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of your purchase, you can return or exchange your items within 30 days  from the delivered date.
I don’t know about you but to me that’s pretty standard and what I’m used to when I shop online.  So, you’re probably saying that I’m getting paid to tell you this.  NOPE, I’m not.  I didn’t get free clothes and I didn’t get a check.  I’m just sharing because, well, I would want you to share with me if you found and awesome site like this.  LOL!  Seriously thought, you already know I’m very serious about the integrity of my blog and I don’t write about anything I don’t honestly believe in or like.  So, take a peek.  I promise you won’t be disappointed! 
Tell me, what’s your favorite item from

Be An Expert!




dress: D.I.Y. 2 CAbi tops one worn as a skirt | belt: CAbi | purse: {gifted} Coach | shoes: zigisoho

Maybe I just notice this more because I’m no longer in the workforce but I’ve run into a lot of people going through various transitions in their careers.  The conversations we have usually go in the direction of the individuals wanting to go back to school to improve themselves but not necessarily having a clear vision for what they want to go to school for.  I’m 100% on team Learn More, but not knowing what you’re going back to school for will likely prove to be a waste of time and money.  In these cases, these potential students have significant work experience, families to support and bills to pay so they can’t afford to go back to school just to figure out life.  They need to have a purpose.  Going back to school to concentrate on sharpening a skill is usually what most people end up finding themselves doing, but often after thousands of dollars taking courses that don’t add value to their end goal.

Having an expertise or narrowing your focus is critical.  Take the sport of track for instance.  When you compare first place to second place, first place seems far more impressive than second place.  However, when you compare second place to third place, does second place really seem any more impressive?  To most people, including myself, not so much.

When we look at society we see that people who are experts about something are elevated high onto a pedestal.  Sure, hard work matters, but not if it’s scattered in diverse directions.  This is even applicable to bloggers just starting their blogging journey or thinking about refocusing their blog.  Some of the most successful bloggers are those who focus on a specialty.  Some are DIY queens, others are especially gifted at make up artistry, others are experts on caring for a particular hair type.  The skill isn’t necessarily what matters, but the expertise you can offer is.  So if you find yourself thinking about going back to school or building a more impressive blog or business, narrow your focus on learning fewer skills and mastering them all.  It’s about focusing more on less.

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My Insta-Life

1. ASOS dress that I ordered for the BLMeet Up.  Arrived later than I had hoped so I didn’t get to wear it.

2. Some of the sweetest girls I know wished me a happy birthday!

3.  Got the pics from the photographer, Darren Williams Photographyand I’m super excited with the job he did!  Find him on Facebook.

4.  MaMuffyns and Daddy!

5.  Yes, I’m 32 and yes I rode Space Mountain and YES I loved it!

6.  Check out the Disneyland pics.

7.  What am I going to do with my Julia!?!  She loves my Mimi Boutique bag…and I don’t blame her, even if it IS bigger than she is.  

8.  The kids loving on Jayde.  Jayde…not about this life!

9.  The Hubs swooped me up for a lunch date at Harold and Belle’s Creole food.  Yumtastic!

10.  Macrons…to LIVE for!

11.  I guess she showed me, huh!  WERK!

FASHIONISTA du jour: Tiffany Chanelle

Kristin, our first FASHIONISTA, was overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things you had to say in response to her feature.  You all showed her love on Facebook, Twitter, through email…but who am I kidding, I knew you would.  So, from the bottom of my heart,  I thank you.

Now, let’s meet Tiffany.  Truth be told I haven’t know Tiffany long, but you know how you spark up a conversation with someone and before you know it, you realize that you’re just SO in sync?  Well, that’s Tiffany and the interesting thing is we’re both in different stages of our lives.  I feel like when we finally meet, it’ll almost be like two long lost friends re-uniting rather than r than two people meeting for the first time.  I guess that goes to show, when we take the time to care about someone you end up getting more out of it than you would have ever expected.   I asked Tiffany to share some things about herself and this is what she said…

What She’s Wearing:  Jacket – Member’s Only | Tee – Express | Jeans: Armani Exchange | Shoes: Steve Madden | Purse: Coach

How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my style as quirky and classic. I love retro Adidas and Members Only jackets, but I could live in a sheath dress for the rest of my life if I had to. And if it sparkles, I want it.

What’s something about you that people wouldn’t expect?
I am the clumsiest person on the face of the Earth. I just knocked over about 6 styrofoam coolers @ Walgreens. I drop stuff everyday in class, my kids are used to it now.

If you knew then what you know now….(what would that word of advice be?) Girl, run!!! LOL, no seriously it would be to follow my gut instinct and not stay in situations I know are wrong for me.

What She’s Wearing:  Top worn as dress – Arden B | Leggings - F21 | Clutch – stolen from mom | Shoes {not pictured} – Puma sequin flats

What drives your passion to do what you do?  I became an English teacher because I love to read and love, love, love to write. I have instilled this in some of my students. I adore my students who still keep in contact with me. I know that I have done a great job when I get invited to college graduations.

If money were no option, what would you be doing this very moment?  Walking around in Paris, channeling Carrie Bradshaw and wearing the fiercest outfit!!

I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that she’s single, has no children (although she is a self-proclaimed fairy godmother to 5 year old twins) lives in Chicago…and she’s only 31.  Tiffany is an English teacher by trade but in the classroom she transforms into mom, counselor, social worker, nurse, coach…you name it.  Tiffany is adorable and I’m so glad to have had the chance to introduce you to her.   

Release the Hounds!

flower: random | sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers | jacket: GAP | cami: random | skirt: F21 | shoes: Soda | clutch: unknown (T) | earrings: DIY

Have you guys heard of the online clothing boutique, Clothes Hound?  Well, while I was being nosey on Twitter the other day I started up a conversation with a new follower @shopcltheshound.  I visited the site, and was very impressed with the designer items for sell, but even more delirious over the amazing prices.  I know pictures speak volumes so head on over there and you’ll see what I mean.  While you’re there, use the following code to get 20% off of your purchase.

Use this code to get 20% off of your next purchase: FASHIONDJ

{consider this your Mother’s Day gift.  Happy Mother’s Day!} lol

Oh and shipping is only $5 regardless of what you order.