MOMMY 101: What’ll It Be?



Nope, we still don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl.  The funniest thing is that my mom, who volunteers and my children’s school daily, was a little upset with me because a teacher at the school had come up to her and said, “Congratulations on the new grandson!”  My mom’s response was, “It’s a boy?”  Of course, my mom was wondering why I hadn’t told her first and apparently was waiting for the opportune time to ask me because she was a bit perturbed when she did.  But as it  turns out, Julia, had been spreading the news around school that I am having a boy.  Which is funny, because the teachers ask me almost daily if I know yet and I tell them I don’t.  They probably think I’m lying.  LOL  Oh Dear!

Truthfully, we don’t know yet, but this time around we want to do a reveal.  I’m not quite sure yet how that will all pan out because these next few months until September are usually very VERY chaotic in the Young household.  I’ll surely keep you posted.

If you have any fun reveal ideas I’d love to hear them!



Maybe it’s the Beverly Hills 90210 in me, or is it the Blossom in me, I can’t quite remember…you know since I was only like 1 year old when those shows were on.  But, for some reason I’ve been craving a denim dress.  Go figure.  Then I realized it was just my fashion senses (not to be confused with my Spidey senses) tingling. I looked online and saw several really cute denim dresses worn in really cute ways.  So here’s proof that I’m not stuck in the 90s!, I’m not stuck in the 90s.

FASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dressFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a denim dress

Okay so I think it’s probably Blossom, because I’m also slightly obsessing over jumpsuits right now.  Take a peek at these.

FASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a jumpsuitFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a jumpsuitFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a jumpsuitFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a jumpsuitFASHION DU JOUR | How to wear a jumpsuit


Can you blame me?  You can’t tell me these looks don’t look amazing!  If nothing else, they look comfy.  What are you loving right now?


What Exactly IS Business Casual?

Sure, I claim to know a thing or two about fashion but I have to admit, when I get an invitation and the dress code says “business casual” my heart skips a beat.  Just what exactly IS business casual?  Can I wear open toe sandals with a blazer on?  Can I wear a short suit?

I think I’m on the right path when it comes to the business casual look. See for yourself here, here and here.

Here’s the thing, if I put “business casual” on an invitation, to me I’m telling the attendee to wear something they wouldn’t mind “meeting the parents” in if you know what I mean.

Being the visual person I am, here are some cool looks you can depend on when you’re trying to decipher that oh so tricky “business casual” trap.


[images via Pinterest]

One thing I should point out is “east coast” business casual is different than “west coast” business casual.  Not that I’m trying to start a coast war but I’m sure many of you east coasters are probably shaking your head at a couple of the looks, and that’s fair.  However, I think we can all walk away with a couple of good pointers.

1. Excessive cleavage is not business casual.

2.  When in doubt, wear a lightweight blazer.

3.  Consider your hemline. Shorts and skirts can work if worn at a conservative length.

4.  Jeans pass.  Just make sure they’re not your “errand day” jeans with the holes and tatters.  The darker the wash the better.

5.  You can’t go wrong with neutrals.

I hope these looks will help you pull together some fun ways to rock the business casual look to your next party of the century!



Tartan Takeover
Call me crazy, but it’s beginning to feel like tartan is taking over.  Every blog and Instagram has some tartan crumbs whether it be a scarf, a knee sock a baseball cap, it’s peeking from everywhere.  I’ve never been a HUGE tartan fan, and no it doesn’t have anything to do with school uniforms because apparently school uniforms weren’t around in my day, but I just never really got into the whole plaid thing.  I’ve tried it for sure, like in this look, but it’s always just been okay-ish!  Until, I recently came across these looks.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I’m really digging this trend and what’s great is you don’t have to buy your plaid/tartan from the high end boutiques and department stores.  You can find heaping mounds of plaid at vintage boutiques and thrift stores.
Remember I was telling you about an online store I came across and fell head over heels for?  Well, yes, they even have plaid.  In fact, here are cute options to get you started!  You’ll go bonkers when you see the prices.  Seriously!
1 / 2 / 3 /4 / 5 / 6
Are you into plaid/tartan?

I Go to Sleep Like This!

You know how grandparents and parent of teenage or adult children always say, “enjoy your kids while they’re young because they’re not young for long!”  Well, of course, the part about them not being kids for ever is true, but does that mean I have to yearn for each and every moment?

Hear me out, I’m pretty sure I won’t miss getting baby boo boo on my hands while trying to wrestle a diaper onto a baby’s booty.  I’m pretty sure I won’t long for the early morning soothing melody of hollering matches on the way to school while I’m trying to beat the yellow light just in time to hear the late bell ring at school. Aand, I’m pretty sure I won’t yearn for the bouts of tears, bribing and begging at the dinner table in an effort to get one particular food snob to eat a single grain of rice so that he can have a bowl of ice cream.  Most of all, and I know the hubs would agree, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not going to miss the 4 x 4 inches of mattress that my kids so generously allow me to sleep in every night.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, it’s more like 2 x 2 inches of mattress.  And they don’t let me off that easy, they make sure I know from whom the blessing comes from by wrenching a knee, elbow, heel – really any pointy bodily extremity – into my face, chest, thigh, back, esophagus you name it.  The little one Jayde is even in on it too and she’s the biggest offender.

Now, the kids each have their own beds.  Jaxon has a queen for heaven’s sake.  When they finally go to sleep at night, hubby takes them to their room and puts them to bed.  PAUSE – okay so you’re probably saying why do we let them fall asleep in our bed to begin with.  Trust me, we’ve tried the whole sleep in your own bed bit and it never goes over well.  The task of just getting 3 kids to sleep before 10 p.m. is a momentous feat.  So, hubbytakes them to their rooms and they sleep…until about 2 maybe 3 a.m. All of a sudden, the thunder of tiny feet stampeding down the hallway before softly turning the door knob signals “the beginning”.  Tip-toeing around the bed, Jaxon and Julia secure the perimeter. Jayde isn’t crawling out of her crib yet, but her grand entrance comes a little later in the routine.  Jaxon and Julia then both come over to my side of the bed.  Jaxon lifts the covers just enough to allow the arctic freeze to engulf me.  He crawls over me, being careful to knee me in the chest before completing his dismount onto the mattress between daddy and I.  Julia has a much more patient plan of attack.  She stands directly in front of my face and stares at me with her pillow up to her nose.  With the window to her back, all I see is a massive silhouette of hair when I open my eyes.  It’s actually a bit creepy.  I haven’t figured it out yet because she may actually be sleep walking but f I take to long to peek my eye open she whispers, “Mommy” repeatedly until I open my eyes.  With my full attention, she crawls into bed making sure to take any semblance of a blanket, bed sheet or cover off of me, but only after she’s ripped the pillow from under my head.

By now, my half of the Cal King size bed has been diminished to a quarter.  I’m freezing, sleepy and you might as well throw hungry in there too.  If I could just touch the hem of the comforter.  LOL  Smashed against the headboard curled into the fetal position, I manage to drift to sleep, just moments before I hear a distant familiar cry.  I must be bionic woman because amazingly no one in the entire house seems to hear this cry but me.  Even though I recognize Jayde’s cry and can distinguish between sleepy, hungry, irritated or sick, I spring out of the bed and clumsily race to her beckoning call.  When I enter her room, she’s wondering what in sam hill took me so long and immediately wipes snot on me to thank me for taking my sweet time.  On auto-pilot, I change her diaper, dry her face and carry her into our bedroom.  She prefers to sleep next to daddy, let me rephrase that, I prefer she sleeps next to daddy and so I place her closest to him.  Immediately, she outstretches her arms and legs to make sure she has ample space around all four sides of her.  Jayde has 3 simple rules when she allows you to sleep with her.  Number 1, only she can touch you, you cannot touch her.  And by touch that means she may or may not sling her leg onto your Adams apple or headbutt you at any given time of the night.  Number 2, she must be perpendicular to daddy and one other body at all times, with her feet in daddy’s back.  And number 3, she must breathe her hot moist baby breath into someone’s face for the duration of a minimum 45 minutes.  Lovely!

The good thing is that once they’re all in bed, they’re all sound asleep.  I, on the other hand, have retreated to my familiar 4 x 4 at the foot of the bed, wedged between daddy’s feet and the wooden foot-board.  But alas, the jokes on them, good thing I have my trusty miniature pillow about the size of  a cupcake saucer (and about as soft) that I can tuck under my head .  But guess what, just as I fall to sleep, I’m saved by the bell as the 5 a.m. alarm clock sounds.

Ahh!  Nothing like a good night’s sleep!  LOL

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Now get up and go be awesome today!

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