See the Best in People – Wednesday Prayer

wednesday prayer


Extending grace to those who the world thinks doesn’t “deserve” it, is a gift.  The truth is none of us “deserve” the grace God gives us.  We couldn’t earn it if we tried.  That’s whats so great about God, He gives it to us freely.  Lord, help not only my children, but me to also have a heart of grace.


Apparently I’m a Drunk…but let me explain!

It’s no secret that the number of hours of sleep that you get, directly affects your ability to be productive, but did you know that too much sleep can actually kill you?  This 3 minute video explains the science behind too little sleep, too much sleep and how many hours you actually need to reach peak performance.


So back to the whole issue of me being drunk, today I learned that people who get 4-6 hours of sleep are actually functioning at the same cognitive level as someone who is drunk with a blood alcohol level of 1.2.  When I think about it, funny as it sounds, it really does explain a lot.  Wait till I tell my husband, “Husband, I’m sorry but you’re on kid duty, I need to go to sleep because I’m drunk!”  That’ll play out nicely!  LOL

How many hours of sleep do you require?


How to Write a Pitch Letter // FREE PRINTABLE


If you’re a blogger looking to partner with brands for free products and/or pay, this one’s for you.  When positioning a collaboration opportunity with a brand, it’s important to know what to say.  The next time you sit down to pitch an opportunity to a brand, make sure you read this first.




And for your convenience, here’s a sample letter.



Good luck!


Set Them Apart – Wednesday Prayer



When I look at my children, it’s hard to accept the fact that in just a few short years, they’ll be making their own decisions.  I pray that the environment mommy and daddy create for them, the love we pour into them and the lessons we teach them will come to their remembrance when it comes time to make difficult decisions.  If I could help it, I’d be that little cricket from Pinocchio and just sit on each of their shoulders directing them in which way to go, but life just isn’t that way.

Call me old school, or plain old mean, but I know how much of an impact friends can play in the lives of young people so as much as I can, I will be keeping close tabs on the children that my children choose to befriend.  Maybe I’ve watched one too many episodes of Nancy Grace but there will be no sleepovers on my watch, not at my house, not at their house, not in a boat not with a goat.  Not happening.  Isn’t prayer and faith supposed to be all you need, you might ask?  Well, I’m also adding a pinch of wisdom!


Do you consider yourself an over-protective parent?


MOMMY 101: What’s in my Diaper Bag? //FREE PRINTABLE


Baby number four and I can probably pack a diaper bag in my sleep.  There are several must have items for every diaper bag toting parent to remember.  For the diaper bag packing amateurs, this is the post for you.  No one likes having to make an emergency pit stop to buy diapers when you have a ton at home, so here is a convenient checklist for you to print out and keep closeby.

Poopy Bags – these are for dirty diapers, but they come in handy if the kids soil their clothes as well, or for getting rid of what else… Trash.

Hair Brush – maybe it’s just me but my kids seem to always find a way to dishevel their hair 5 seconds after I finish combing it.

Mommy snack – a protein bar, mini box of raisins, nuts…packing something to hold you over until you get to where you’re going is always a good idea.

Diapers – This is one to make sure you check each and every time you leave the house.

Pacifier - If your baby uses a pacifier make sure you pack at least 2 because one is bound to fall on the ground.  Amazon has a really convenient pacifier holder that will keep those little guys off the ground.

Spoon/Fork – Most restaurants don’t have utensils for your toddlers to use so rather than ending up with a lapful of food, pack some utensils for the kids.

Wipes – this goes with the diapers. Make sure you have them.

Hand Sanitizer – I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that it’s super important to keep your hands clean with babies. As it is, they put almost everything in their mouths.  Hand sanitizer limits those germies.

Lysol spray – Like I said, germs are everywhere.  I use lysol ESPECIALLY in the bathroom.  I spray the toilet seat and wipe it off and then I also put at least 2 seat covers before any of the kids come near the toilet.

Desitin - Diaper rashes are a bummer, but being prepared when you first notice them is key.  I don’t use Desitin cream with every diaper change because I feel like it’s so heavy and the smell isn’t so great.  However, it’s great for getting rid of the rashy rash.

Kid snack – Depending on what your child eats, grab some goodies to take on the road.

Clothes & socks – They’re kids and accidents will happen.  Bring a spare change of clothes and socks just in case.

Band-aids – Get an assorted pack of Band-aids and keep them in your bag.  Here’s a trick, when kids complain about ouchies and you get the hint that they’re being a little overly dramatic (maybe that’s just my kids) putting a Band-aid on it is seems to magically heal all wounds…real or imagined.

Cloth diapers – These are great to use as burp cloths, emergency changing pads, when dampened they’re great for wiping drippy noses.

Bottled water – because you always need bottled water.

Changing pad – Would you ever walk into a filthy public restroom, pull down your pants and sit on the floor?  Your baby wouldn’t want to either.  Be sure to bring that changing pad.


 Anything I’m forgetting?


Life as a WAHM {Work At Home Mom}!

work at home mom

Thanks to the media {aka scapegoat for everything} I think there’s a general misconception of what being a Work At Home Mom {WAHM} actually is.  I’ll admit that I shared this misconception when I was working a 9to5 too.  For instance, there’s this misconception that working at home means you’re free to have 3 hour lunch dates when you want, you’re free to chit-chat on the phone for hours on end, you’re free to lounge around all day “working”.  There’s this sense that working from home means you magically get 10 extra hours in your day.  Not the case.  In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Like I said, I am guilty of assuming that work-at-homers had it made, but as I’ve come to realize it’s not cupcakes and tulips.  Let me explain…

What I Miss

Crazy as it may sound, there are some things I miss about working a 9to5.  First, the people.  I met so many amazing people  working in corporate America.  I’ve heard it said before that friends are hard to come by once you leave high school.  In college, everyone’s coming and going and in the midst of all that, you’re changing and finding who you are.  Most of those relationships sadly are just for the moment.  Finding a place to work where you enjoy the people is high on my list of non-negotiables when it comes to jobs, especially since we spend a significant share of our lifetime there.  The people are a huge reason why I stayed so long, but they are also a large part in why I left.  I miss the “watercooler” conversations and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, Scandal debriefs and of course the office inside jokes.

I also miss the structure that a 9to5 demands.  Knowing that I can focus on what work for eight hours straight and then “clock-out” was a bit of a relief.  Of course being in a salaried position, there are expectations that some nights you work longer hours than others, but it was rare.  The lazy girl in me also misses that fact that much of my job was routine and easy.  I’ll admit that sometimes it’s nice to skip the process and just get to the answer.  Working at home requires self-motivation and discipline especially when you’re taking care of a baby at the same time.

What I Love

The best thing about working at home is the fact that I am home when my children leave to go to school and I’m home with a snack waiting when they return.  I can help with homework and talk about how their day went.  I’m able to go on the class field trips and spend time getting to know the other parents in the class.  I can’t believe all that I was missing when I was working a 9to5.  Even though my kids probably don’t think much of it now, I know when they get older they’ll remember how their mom was present.  I thank God that I was blessed with the opportunity to do this for my children.  There are some things in life that you can’t do over.  Spending time with your children when they need it the most is one of those things.  I remember my mom walking my brothers and I to and from school and volunteering in our classes.  Sure, when I got to middle school it became a bit of an annoyance, but looking back on it now, I see that it had a great impact on me and the choices/sacrifices I’m willing to make for my children.

Why i did it

As you may know, I’ve had this ol’ blog here for a while.  When I was pregnant with Jayde, I created a Facebook group called Bloggers Like Me dedicated to building relationships among bloggers across the country.  It’s a place where women can come for answers, friendship, resources, etc.  The group really caught on and grew faster than I had expected.  So fast, that I had to set limitations on accepting women into the group.  As the group grew, I prayed.  I began to see the potential within the group and the opportunities for growth.  Not only was Bloggers Like Me growing, but the need to support the family printing business, Young Connection, as well as the needs of my church grew.  I continued to pray.  God made it clear to me that I wasn’t serving in my greatest capacity.  It was then that I decided to leave my 9to5 and become a WAHM.




Temptation – Wednesday Prayer

Wednesday Prayer

I’m reminded of an episode of Veggie Tales where the subject was resisting temptation.  The villain (Bad Apple) is trying to take over the town of Bumblyburg by making all of the citizens fall to their deepest temptation.  The hero, Larryboy, thinks he can resit temptation on his own since he’s a superhero, but he finds out that he needs God and his friends’ help.

We all deal with temptation to some degree and we’ve all fallen victim to temptation in a moment of weakness.  God, is our only saving grace even when it seems impossible to resist.

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able ; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. – 1 Corinthian 10:13



10 Things to Check Before You Hit Post // FREE PRINTABLE


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been working on a post and I accidentally hit “POST” prematurely.  I’ve done it more than once and every time I want to punch myself in the mouth.  Because you know once you hit “post” that’s it, it’s gone.  No calling R. Kelly to turn back the hands of time.  Since apparently I have no control over my zombie hands I thought at the very least I could put together some checkpoints to make sure that at least when I’m ready to hit “post”…like for real…that the post is complete, accurate and free of embarrassing errors.  So here you have it, 10 Things to Check Before You Hit Post – a free printable.



35 Things to do Before 35! {My Get Rich List}

Life is so much more than the money we make or don’t make.  In my eyes, richness is defined by the strength of my relationships with God, my family and my friends.  

I’ve always wanted to make a checklist of things to do by a certain age. So, today’s the day and I did it.  Some of the things on my list may not seem fun and exciting but I know if I do them, the result will be a more focused and centered life, which is ultimately the way to GET RICH!

  1. Make a Get Rich List.
  2. Finish reading Teach Your Team to Fish by Laurie Beth Shall
  3. Learn how to do my undereye makeup.
  4. Go to a USC football game (…to see what all the hype is about).
  5. Make it a habit of getting to Sunday School on time.
  6. Got to an L.A. Galaxy game.
  7. Drink 64 oz of water a day.
  8. Take part in a run.
  9. Teach my kids to swim.
  10. Do volunteer work.
  11. Cook a holiday dinner.
  12. Watch the sunset with the kids.   9.13-We have to do it again and find a better spot at the beach!
  13. Plant some seeds in the garden.
  14. Write 2 books.
  15. Go on a road trip with the family
  16. Learn to sew.
  17. Play in the snow with the family.
  18. Fly a kite with the kids.
  19. Lay on the grass and look at cloud shapes.
  20. No meat for a month.
  21. Organize a picnic.
  22. Get fit.
  23. Go on a romantic getaway with my hubby.
  24. Go on a trash hunt with the kids.
  25. Find a photographer.
  26. Get out of bed by 5 a.m. daily
  27. Monthly dates with Jaxon, Julia and Jayde.
  28. Color with the girls.
  29. Bake a cake with the kids.
  30. Play action figures with Jaxon regularly.
  31. Make a music video with the kids.
  32. No more candy.
  33. Eat a gourmet meal on a rooftop
  34. Jump in rain puddles with the kids.
  35. Let the kids stay home from school one day.

What’s one item on your Get Rich List?