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Most days I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to earrings.  I  think that’s mainly because my lifestyle dictates it.  Small children and dangling earrings are a recipe for disaster.  But when it’s time to get gussied up, I like to add some pep, even if it’s just a little.  Nothing like a simple pair of sapphire earrings and your wedding, engagement or anniversary ring when you’re headed for a night on the town.

#StyleWERKshop – Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans style werkshop

boyfriend jeansboyfriend jeansboyfriend jeansboyfriend jeans

I’m super excited about this new blogger challenge that we at Bloggers Like Me came up with.  It’s a style challenge for the every day girls who just wanna have fun. Every so often (possibly monthly or more frequently) a challenge will be posted at and participants will have 2 weeks to submit their looks.  All submissions will be visible to those who visit the page.  The first challenge is how to wear your boyfriend jeans, which are hands down my favorite wardrobe staple.

Boyfriend jeans are the ultimate closet item.  They can literally be worn with absolutely anything and look amazing.  I prefer to wear them with some kind of heel and a jazzy top, but these days my feet are rejecting any type of heel, so it’s going to take a little while before you’ll see me in heels again.  I paired my jeans with a sweet nude and gigantic rhinestone sandal (similar), a large leopard print camisole (similar) and a short black cardigan (similar).

Enough about my outfit, click the image below for more about #StyleWERKshop!

style werkshop



Slow to Anger – Wednesday Prayer



I would be a stone cold liar if I said I never got upset with my children or that I never lost my temper.  I do.  I’m not talking about cursing at or beating my kids because, in my opinion, that’s just crazy and a sign that you’ve lost total and absolute control of yourself.  But, yes, I get upset with my children.  I thank God for self-control and love during these trying times.


How to Wear a Trench Coat

Casualtrench casual


This trench coat option is perfect for pretty much anything.  The twill capri’s and loafers allow you to easily transition from work to play. Add a hat and scarf for cooler temps.  The classic diamond stud earring read sophistication and a fresh Fall burgundy manicure shows you’re into the season.
Datenighttrench date night


This number is not for the faint of heart.  What’s so perfect about this look is you can keep the trench coat on belted and open around the neck for the entire night, leaving more for the imagination.  The over the knee boots are very on trend and add to the element of surprise.  The animal print clutch is a splash of wild when coupled with a red lip and black manicure.  Simple and delicate jewelry is just the right amount of minimal charm to make this outfit work.  Click on any of the mini items for purchasing details.
What’s your favorite fall item?

Mistakes – Wednesday Prayer


What sense does it make to go through the agony of getting a root canal, if you’re just going to turn around and get more cavities?  Most of us have to see to believe.  We have to experience to understand.  We have to get burned before we learn not to touch the flame.  God gives us challenges to grow our faith and give us a testimony.  Every challenge is an opportunity.  What a shame it would be to go through those challenges only to remain the same; only to come out back where we started.  God gives us time and chances to learn from our mistakes.



The Pumpkin Patch – Do’s & Don’ts from a Mommy of 4

how to stay safe at the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patching has become a bit of a family tradition in the Young home.  While we don’t celebrate Halloween, we do like to enjoy the petting zoos and pumpkin hunting that come this time of the year.  I will say, however, that there are some things to keep in mind when you’re at the pumpkin patch.  Here are a few of my do’s and don’ts.

children at pumpkin patchpumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch

DO bring antibacterial spray.  All I’ll say is e.coli.

DO wear closed toe shoes.  It finally dawned on me this year that the hay that I’m walking on, is likely infested with animal hair, fleas and other bugs, and probably feces.

DO bring a disposable blanket.  If you’ve come to the pumpkin patch expecting to take pictures of your darling little babies, bring a blanket for them to sit on so you can get the perfect shot.  You definitely don’t want them sitting on the hay.

DO go before noon.  Just like people, animals get tired too and just like people, animals can become irritable and snappy when they’re tired.  Spending the earlier part of the day with the animals is a good time to catch them at their best.

.054pumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch.022

DO bring a camera.  Moments like these you’ll want to capture so that you can reminisce when you’re old and gray.

DO wear costumes, but don’t go overboard.  Now this might sound like a contradiction to another tip but hear me out.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing your little one up, sitting  him on a haystack next to a pumpkin and taking a few snaps.  It’s when you begin to draw a crowd and begin telling your baby to “WERK” that it becomes a problem.

DO make sure everyone has used the restroom before arrival.  Pumpkin Patch restrooms are high on my list of GROSS!

DON’T treat the pumpkin patch like your personal photo shoot.  Truly, everyone comes to the pumpkin patch with hopes of picking up a few plumpies and snapping a few pics, so be mindful of those around you who have also come to enjoy the scenery.  Try not to hoard the best picture spots.

pumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch

DON’T bother the resting animals.  We all need our rest. An unrested animal is the makings of a late breaking news story.  I’ll have no parts of that.

DON’T sit or stand on the pumpkins.  For goodness sakes someone might have wanted to buy one.  And even if they didn’t, would you like someone standing on the plumpie pumpkin you picked out?  Probably not.

DON’T eat.  If you’re eating at the pumpkin patch, you’re more than likely swallowing a couple million animal germs that you wouldn’t normally consume.  And if you’re a finger licker, you might as well sign up for a hospital bed now.  I’m kidding, but think about the tons of bacteria that live at the pumpkin patch and the potential to digest some of that if you’re eating.

DON’T bring your own food to feed the animals.  Just because you like Flaming Hot Cheetos doesn’t mean the animals will.  If you want to feed the animals, buy the food provided so that you don’t harm them.

DON’T wear scary costumes.  Pumpkin patches are where you’ll find kids and babies, so please don’t scare the babies.

DO have a blast!

Did I miss anything? What are your do’s and don’ts?


6 Smart Finance Tips!


Maybe your 20′s were different than my 20′s, but credit cards were easier to get than some college classes.  Sure the limits were low but in college money is money or so I thought.   Well, now that the dust has settled {honestly, that dust settled a LONG time ago}, I have a “wish-I-woulda” list that I feel compelled to share to help you navigate through your financial journey:


Your 20′s are the time to take your education up a notch and make yourself stand out from the pack.  Get industry certified, take a course in one of your specialized skills, or even learn a trade.  Take that Chanel bag off your Christmas list and ask mom, dad or your bank account for some education.  Wise self investments like this build your resume and make you more marketable than your peers who simply have a degree.  In addition, putting yourself around people in your field will give you more opportunities to make connections and network.


For God sakes’ control yourself.  You’re right, budgeting and staying inside a disciplined spending box is boring, but form the habit now, while you’re in your 20s, and your 40 year old self will thank you.  Think about it, many of us spend such a short time living the independent life – free from real responsibilities, that before we know it, we’re married with kids and our “wish-I-woulda” list is a mile long.  The only way to minimize those financial “wish-I-woulda”s is to take control of your spending and decide to spend wisely.  Pinterest is a gold mine for finding a budget worksheet that works for you.


Most of us would have heart failure if we came home and found that our coveted purse or shoe collection had been ransacked.  Why?  Because these are some things that we think have value in our lives.  Many of us have even added items like these to our homeowners insurance juuuust in case.   But what about life insurance?  There’s this misconception that we don’t have to start thinking about life insurance until we’re old and married with kids, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  God forbid something should happen and you can no longer take care of yourself, what would you do then?  Begin doing some homework on the plan that will work for you.  You’ll notice the cost of insurance is less, the younger you are.


Credit cards are not the enemy, it’s how we choose to use them that causes us so much grief.  Many moons ago when Dad talked to me about credit, the one thing that stuck with me was to keep a low balance on your credit cards and pay more than the monthly minimum.  I don’t use credit cards anymore and haven’t for about 5 years now; truthfully because I’m afraid.  Kind of like not buying that quart of Rocky Road ice cream because you know that if it’s sitting in your fridge you’ll be tempted to eat the whole quart…in one sitting…while watching all 6 seasons of Lost.  Moral of the story is if you don’t have them then you won’t be tempted to misuse them. However, on the flip side, if you’re strong willed then credit cards can be a very good tool.  They should be used only in case of emergency, because chances are if you don’t have the cold hard cash to buy it, you don’t absolutely need it.  And here’s another idea, get a credit card and give it a very close friend or family member who you can trust enough not to use it and who knows you well enough to know if your emergency is really an emergency worthy of turning the credit card over to you.


For those of us in our 30′s, chances are we’re still taking care of some of those unwise financial decisions we made in our 20′s.  How do we make sure not to make the same mistake twice?  Understand good versus bad debt.  Rule of thumb is GOOD debt adds longevity and value to your finances.  It works for you.  BAD debt subtracts from value you’ve acquired through saving and spending wisely and it works against you.  Buying property is good debt as it will yield a return with the increasing equity, as long as you have a low rate.  Buying a car is bad debt.  Some bad debt, like cars, are sometimes unavoidable, but what is avoidable is getting taken advantage of.  Make sure the car you purchase holds it’s value, is financed at a low interest rate and if you can, put down a large cash payment so that you can decrease the principle.


Being a Christian, I believe in tithing.  My own testimony is that God has blessed me, not just financially but my home, my family, my health, just in so many ways that the very least I can do is honor His word.  I believe that of all tips here, this is the most important and will add the most value to your life spiritually and financially.  I hear whispers from non-believers saying, “I’m not giving money to the church/pastor so he can spend it on cars, houses, clothes, etc. when I’m sitting at home eating canned soup.”  I’m not going to mention that we don’t think twice about paying our hair dresser $200 to put a weave in or give $100 to Ticketmaster to see JayBey running around, but when it comes to supporting the ministry that pours into our spirit we want to ask questions….{sipping tea}.  And I’m not going to mention that God didn’t tell us to tithe and then follow up to see how the money is spent, although I would suggest that if you don’t believe you’re being spiritually fed, find a ministry that does feed you.  No, I’m not going to mention all that but what I am going to suggest to you is to give it a try.  With your tithing, you must also practice a life of holiness and doing God’s will. It’s a package deal.  And I believe that you’ll see God’s hand move in your life.

What financial lessons have you learned over the years?



Don’t Give Me What I Want – Wednesday Prayer


In other words, be careful what you ask for because you might just get it.


FALL fashion

Flawless Fall


It’s finally here.  My favorite season of the year!  YAY!